The COVID-19 vaccine should reach everyone

Project: Production of audiovisual communication (video) on the issue of the vaccine for the treatment of Covid-19

Project framework: Advocacy in the field of health and global priorities

Description: CONTENTATIVA presents a video on access to the vaccine for the treatment of Covid-19 disease. The main issue is the production and unhindered availability worldwide of a vaccine for the pandemic. As most EU leaders have said, the vaccine that will help us deal with the pandemic must be a public good. To achieve this requires a different approach to the existing business model of research and development of pharmaceutical innovation, which creates barriers to access. In particular, there should be no exclusive intellectual property contracts, especially when most of the investment risk is undertaken by public funds.

Challenges: The project was implemented during the period of lifting the restrictive measures in Athens. It included external shooting, bilingual voice-over and a final audiovisual bilingual production (Greek and English). Barriers to access to the vaccine and to research and development in general do not play a significant role in public debate. The visual capture of the subject is the main challenge.

* The data included in the video is from July

Video duration: 1': 10"

MURAL International Study Visit Athens 2019

Collaboration: Hellenic Platform for Development

Project: Production of audiovisual recording of the International Study Meeting

Project framework: Mutual Understanding Respect and Learning (MURAL)

Description: In the framework of the European MURAL program, the Hellenic Platform for Development hosted the European Partners Meeting in Athens, from 10 to 12 May 2019. During the meeting, 40 participants of the program from European countries had the opportunity to interact, to exchange elements of their culture, ideas and experiences as active citizens. They discussed justice, interfaith and shared their common vision for a world without discrimination, through mutual respect and understanding.

Challenges: The project was implemented in 3 consecutive days in Athens. It included filming in internal and external locations, interviews in two languages and a final audiovisual bilingual production (Greek and English). We relied on interviews with participants and walks at the Holocaust memorial and in Petralona, at the site of S. Luqman's murder.

Video duration: 13':19"